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SPark Your Creativity and ignite your imagination

Uncharted is an exciting collection of creative tools, maps and adventures, designed to aid in the art of storyteling, through imagination and exploration. Each month, Patreon subscribers are awarded a peek into the latest fantastical *Uncharted* world though digital PDF's and image files, print and play materials and big discounts on printed products, all delivered straight to your inbox. Subscribers are encouraged to use these tools - maps, stories and guide books - however they wish, interpreting and reimagining the places and characters within, all in new and interesting ways. The artwork and writing is designed to *ignite your imagination and spark your creativity*, allowing subscribers to create engaging, dynamic and inviting fictional landscapes they can explore and continue to re-discover over time. 

Tools for storytellers

Each world is presented in a Series or Season, each encompassing a numerous environments and adventure sites subscribers can explore. The environments have been made to entice plenty of personal creativity but will often utilise general Role Playing Game (RPG) mechanics and ideas, such as dice rolls, to determine the encounters and experiences explorers face. The regions of these worlds, are designed to feel like living breathing landscapes and cultures, full of dynamic, interesting characters and independant factions. How subscribers then choose to interact within these worlds is their own choice. As newly founded explorers, you are encouraged to create - perhaps with an RPG system of your own choice - characters to embody. Each will have their own personal desires, goals and ambitions, all of which will inform a characters decisions and ultimately determine many aspects of each environment you are exploring.

Worlds Waiting to be Explored

Each Series has a number of corresponding Maps. Large regions that are split into a number of districts, all interconnected, but each with their own distinct style and flavour. Each Map contains 30 points of interest - specific buildings, landmarks or geological features - as places adventurers may wish to explore, along with 20 blank locations they can add to themselves. Provided, is a word-cloud of atmospheric descriptions and prompts, designed to initiate creativity and give an indication of the themes present in the region. Short descriptions of the numerous districts are also included. Each will touch on the major cultures, warring factions, landscapes, old ruins or idylic villages, even wildlife, all of which breathe life into the settings.


Explorers move through these varied environments, discovering the world for themselves. How they choose to interact with these elements will determine how their personal stories develop. Will they help local characters, fight vile monsters or investigate dangerous ruins.

With each of the Series Maps there will be inspiring art, random tables, adventure sites, mini maps and written pieces that assist in showcasing the living, interconnected tapestry of life that resides within each world. Subscribers may pick and choose what they wish from any of this additional material to weave into their own experience. YOU choose how you wish to tell your characters story. 


The edges of each Map show the boarders leading to the adjoining districts of the next region. Throughout the series limited release, more maps will be unveiled, expansions and exciting adventures, whispered rumours, engaging hooks and fantastic characters. Its about looking for the hidden gems and creating cult classics not churning out block busters and best sellers.

Hidden Gems and Cult Classics

The entire Series of maps is a simple framework, meant as a foundation, to build your own world on. A blurred landscape that is sharpened into focus by all the experiences of the characters Subscribers create. The stories they invent, the challenges they face, the mysteries they unearth and the creatures they discover as they explore these new breathtaking worlds.

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